Patient Concordance Knowledge Network

The IPAC-RS Patient Concordance initiative is an effort to increase knowledge about barriers to patient adherence and understand how increased engagement from and concordance between all stakeholders - including patients, health care professionals, health systems, industry, and regulatory authorities - could improve patient outcomes. It is being led by the IPAC-RS Patient Concordance Steering Committee, which is comprised of representatives from IPAC-RS member comprises as well as invited experts from academia and patient representatives.

In March 2011, the Steering Committee held a public workshop, Ensuring Patient Success: Improving Adherence through Concordance, to engender awareness of and prompt discussion about key challenges related to patient adherence to inhaled medications as well as potential solutions. Through presentations on adherence and rotating breakout sessions, participants had the opportunity to learn about the multi-faceted challenges to adherence and engage in detailed discussions. Key messages that emerged from the workshop were that: that a better understanding of the multi-factorial nature of non-adherence is needed on the part of all stakeholders; that increased education and instruction is needed by patients; and that improved communication between patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare payer/purchasers, regulators, and industry would be an effective way to address these issues.

Members of the Steering Committee also completed a white paper to capture the knowledge and perspectives gained during the March workshop and Steering Committee discussions.


IPAC-RS Patient Concordance Report

By Working Group: Patient Concordance Knowledge Network. Barbara P Yawn, Nancy J Sander, Ilse S Peterson, Erin K Mangan, Walter J Robak, Roger A Heerman, Kevin J Corkery, Leonard M Fromer, Franklin Cerasoli (published)

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