GRRO China Update (October 2015)

Working Group:

GRRO China

On 8 September, GRRO China representatives met with NIFDC leaders in Beijing, China, including Dr. Baoming Ning, Deputy Director, Institute for Chemical Drug Control, and Dr. Huaxin Yang, Director, Institute for Chemical Drug Control. Other representatives from NIFDC, CDE, and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia were also present. Participants engaged in very good conversation on the IPAC-RS presentations.  Dr. Stefan Leiner was also invited to speak at NIFDC’s new campus launching ceremony on 24 September.

GRRO China representatives also traveled to Shenyang, China to attend Inhalation Asia 2015. Topics included TB and lung cancer treatment via inhaled route, nanoparticle delivery via inhalations, mechanisms of dissolutions and absorption, BE approaches, and materials quality. IPAC-RS hosted a panel on materials quality with Andrew Feilden, Zhenyu Wang, and Stefan Leiner, moderated by Lee Nagao. The session was very well attended and was the only session focused on the quality (and safety) aspects of inhalation drug development.

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