GRRO China at Chinese Inhalation Drug Delivery Association (IDDA) Annual Conference

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GRRO China

Dr. Ying Li (Merck), Chair of the GRRO China Subgroup, was invited to attend and present on IPAC-RS at the Chinese Inhalation Drug Delivery Association (IDDA) annual conference in Nanjing, China in October 2014.  Over 200 scientists from regulatory, industry and academia attended the conference.  Dr. Li’s presentation on IPAC-RS’ mission, objectives, work streams and accomplishments was very well received – Chinese stakeholders showed great respect and admiration for IPAC-RS as a leading voice and knowledge resource for the OINDP industry globally.  A number of participants approached Dr. Li and expressed interest in collaboration with IPAC-RS.  Potential near-term opportunities include to co-organize a workshop on OINDP analytical testing with the Chinese National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (Chinese FDA’s testing lab) in 2015, and to support the establishment of an educational center on how to use OINDP, for patients and healthcare providers in China.

Kudos to Dr. Li and the China subgroup!  The relationships built during this trip will go a long way towards shaping best practices and regulatory development in China, which is one of IPAC-RS’ strategic objectives.

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