2019 IPAC-RS/ISAM Joint Workshop - What are the Opportunities in Inhaled Drug Delivery??

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Montreux, Switzerland

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This workshop will present perspectives from patients, healthcare providers, academics, and industry.  Through podium talks, panel discussions and roundtable-style interactions, the participants will consider what are the real challenges and opportunities that could transform the treatment of patients with respiratory disease.  Effective solutions can be found only if the pharmaceutical industry addresses the real challenges and unmet needs of the patient.   This workshop will enable sharing of real-life experiences and contribute knowledge that will help product developers make useful advances in the inhalation field.

Morning Session – Digital Health – What are the problems it can address??  Are we really developing solutions that healthcare providers (HCP) and patients need/want?

Afternoon Session – Drug Delivery – What are the opportunities that technology can address?? What are the unmet needs that HCPs and patients need/want?

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